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Where can I find a map of the Wild Atlantic Way?

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Where can I find a map of the Wild Atlantic Way

The  Atlantic Way Explorer App  is a map. Irelands Wild Atlantic Way is 2500Km in length and the longest driving route in the world. There are many maps online but nothing compares to having a responsive map on your phone showing you your location.

Are there guidebooks and maps available for travelling the Wild Atlantic Way?  

Are you searching for A map and guidebooks to help you travel the Wild Atlantic Way ? are you lost in a sea of guidebooks, on line maps and do you need several folding maps to cover the route?

We understand you want to make the most of your time when travelling and seeking new places to see and experience the wilderness of the west of Ireland Wild Atlantic Way route. Perhaps you want to surf, dive, scale sea cliffs, visit castles, stone circles or go whale watching. Multiple guides and several maps would be needed for these activities.

Nowadays there are multiple ways to travel and seek information and more than ever we are in a digital age where everything is at our fingertips. Travelling is no different. What if you could have a guidebook and a map to The Wild Atlantic Way in your pocket? How easy would it be if everything you need was on one app? What if that app was free to download? Would you be interested?


What apps are there for travelling the Wild Atlantic Way? 

Download Atlantic Way Explorer App for a map of the whole Wild Atlantic Way at your fingertips. Remember there are several apps for travelling the WAW but none covers the whole Wild Atlantic Way route except for the Atlantic Way Explorer app. This app is free to download to your phone from the google or apple playstores


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