Showcase Your Business

Maximize your advertising potential with Atlantic Way Explorer, the go-to app for travelers exploring the Wild Atlantic Way. Gain unprecedented exposure for your brand by showcasing your business to a captive audience of adventure seekers. With 320 sites (including all the 189 Bord Failte Official Sites) at their fingertips, users are eager to discover new experiences, and your advertisement can be their gateway.

Atlantic Way Explorer offers two powerful advertising options designed to boost your visibility:



Secure a prominent spot by purchasing a pin on the app. Your pin will capture attention as users navigate through the countless attractions along the Wild Atlantic Way. Stand out from the competition and entice travelers to choose your establishment for an unforgettable experience.


Need to include cost, duration, payment info, T&Cs etc..



Direct traffic to your website with a custom link on Atlantic Way Explorer. By seamlessly integrating your online platform, you can captivate users and drive them to learn more about your offerings. Benefit from the app’s engaged user base and channel their interest into tangible conversions on your website.


Need to include cost, duration, payment info, T&Cs etc..

Take advantage of this unique opportunity to connect with a dedicated community of Wild Atlantic Way enthusiasts. Promote your business through Atlantic Way Explorer and position yourself as an indispensable part of the ultimate Wild Atlantic Way experience. Expand your reach, boost your bookings, and leave a lasting impression on travelers from around the world.

Partner with Atlantic Way Explorer today and unlock the full potential of your advertising strategy. Let your brand shine and be the top choice for adventurous explorers along the Wild Atlantic Way. Start advertising and elevate your business to new heights.

For enquiries and further information please email or call 086 827 8031.


This a simple (and free) PayPal subscription tool. The buttons can be set up with whatever amount and subscription period you want. People will need a PayPal account, if they don’t have one they will need to set one up.

Subscriptions can be cancelled by you or by the customer at any time.

There will need to be information included about how it all works, costs, renewals, terms and conditions etc.

I’m not sure the screenshots are right as examples…? It would be good to show something so people can see how their business will appear on the app.
I think it needs to be clearer what each option actually is. I get the pin on the map but the option with the custom link – how/ where does that display on the app?

Will you want people to contact you before they pay? I presume they will need to send you details – location, links etc?